Grab the Attention of Your Audience with Whiteboard Animation

get animated

Get Animated

Bring images and text to life with movement on a digital canvas

stand out

Stand Out

Zag when everyone else is zigging. Creativity gets attention

be memorable

Be Memorable

Word-of-mouth starts with being memorable. Make your story shareable

We use whiteboard animation videos to engage your audience, share your message and make your marketing fun to watch

Here's How We Roll ...

How to Find Your Spark

Simon Sinek's talk from the 'Start the Spark' event was used as the foundation for a 5 part video series. This is part one.

With permission from Usher's New Look and Simon Sinek.


How to Memorize Fast and Easily

More than 10 million views on YouTube and millions more on Facebook.

#1 video on YouTube and Google when you search 'how to memorize'.

Created for the Memorize Academy YouTube channel.

How to Be Happy

Transformation of an infographic about the science of happiness into a video viewed more than 100,000 times.

Collaboration with Happify.



A children's story book created for World Mental Health Day.

Transformed into a whiteboard animation video, shared on social media and viewed by thousands of people.

How to Study Effectively

Collaboration with The Learning Scientists.

2 million views on YouTube and other websites.

#1 video on Google for the 'how to study' search term.


How to Be Organized

Turned a Washington Post article and blog post into a whiteboard animation video viewed by more than 300,000 people.

Collaboration with NeatNik.

You Deserve More Attention

It's a crazy, noisy world. Don't let your message be drowned out.

Kyle Buchanan is the Creative Director of Brink Enterprises. He's created over 300 one-of-a-kind videos that have been viewed over 20 million times on YouTube and around the internet.

The distinctive custom illustrations stand out from the crowd and have been featured on BBC, Yahoo! 7 and Lifehacker, and through a partnership with ProQuest are available in universities and libraries around the world.

Now let's talk about you. Click the button above and let's get creative.

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